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Here at Wilts Electrical Contracting we are pleased to offer customers both free hot water with Solar Thermal Systems and free generation of electricity with Photovoltaics (PV).

Our PV systems cater for both domestic and commercial markets with over 150 completed installations in Wiltshire and the surrounding areas in the last 4 years alone.PV is the generation through solar panels either on a roof or free standing of electricity. Electricity generated is either consumed within the property or exported back to the grid, unlike the Renewable Heat Incentive where there is a domestic and commercial separate tariffs the Feed in Tariff for PV is the same for everyone and paid by what you generate over 20 years, with a little bonus for any extra that is exported. Remember if you generate and use it, you save it to.

Solar thermal or solar hot water is too often a n over looked technology, ok its domestic RHI payments are between £150 and £500 roughly a year for 7 years. But its free hot water, hot water our customers will avoid having to pay for 85% of the time between April and October and even in the winter months there will be some gains. The most expensive part of heating water, the first 20C, costing nearly as much to raise water to 20C as it does to raise it to 50C. Solar thermal really is free hot water for 85% of the year, for busy households or businesses using large quantities of hot water it really is that simple. Most roofs are suitable for one or more panels and most households only need one or two panels. Start getting your free hot water today.

We are proud to work with world leading manufacturers in all aspects of solar works undertaken be it for solar thermal or Photovoltaics. Associating and working with leading brands including Panasonic Sanyo, Canadian Solar, Worcester Bosch, OEM, Fronius, Dimplex, SMA, Schuco, Elster and Renesola to name a few. It is WEC knowledge and use of specialist products and market leading brands that allows the offering of super high efficient systems and long life guarantees.

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WEC and the team did a very careful job, working round us and making minimal mess. Thank you.

- Mr J Money-Kyrle -