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Heat Pumps

WEC Limited are pleased to offer our customers a range of high quality Heat Pump solutions including; air to water, air to air, ground and water to water. We believe Heat Pumps are the perfect technology for new homes, existing ones and small businesses such as mobile class rooms. When coupled with good insulation and ventilation systems, maximising energy efficiency and lowering living costs a heat pump is the perfect choice. WEC offer our customers free of charge full site survey and system feasibility studies, we don’t prefer one technology over another and will always give you our client impartial advice based on facts and known evidence based on your specification as to what will work best for you.

Technically speaking Heat Pumps are very advanced solar technology, using either air, ground or water temperature to heat a refrigeration gas which reaches high temperatures at low input temperatures, which can then be transferred to heat water in your own heating or hot water systems. However if you look at any Heat Pump it will always rely on the sun heating something first, be it air or ground temperature or lake water.

At WEC we work with a select few high quality Heat Pump manufacturers who we believe off the best solution to the British market, in both performance and price. These include Grant Samsung EHS, KENSA and MITSUBISHI... All offering a range of Ground and Air Source Heat Pump technologies covering from 3kW to a 1mW in output.

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