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Biomass is a very well established technology in Europe for heating your home or works space and hot water demands or even for process heating and is now becoming a firm choice for households and businesses alike across England. Biomass heating systems use wood either in Pellet, chip or log form. With most domestic installs being wood pellet, with a great local supply available in the UK as world leading producers Verdo have plants in Andover (Wiltshire) and Grangemouth (Scotland) producing over 55,000 tone of pellet a year for the domestic market.

Biomass is not just an alternative to fossil fuel heating such as Oil, LPG, Gas, electricity and coal but is up to 50% cheaper to run. With fully automatic systems available from fuel store to boiler and system ignition it is now simpler than ever to own a Biomass system, with weekly maintenance taking less than an hour on average. With oil prices rising and wood pellets being widely available and contrary to myth pellets are not linked to rise with oil.

For domestic and commercial customers alike the government scheme run by OFGEM the Renewable Heat Incentive is now open. Domestic customers can claim up to £7,200 per year for 7 years *and businesses can claim up to £20,000 per year for 20 years*.

Here at WEC Limited we are proud to work with some of the biggest names in the biomass industry to offer the perfect solution for your home, farm or business. With key partnership deals with Okofen, Hargassner, Trianco and Verdo, we have a solution for every occasion.

Why not visit our showroom and see our working system and other technologies offered by WEC.

*figures based on current rates as of 26/10/2014 using 45kW and 199kW biomass boilers respectively.

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